Nomad Restaurant, Ubud – Bali

Jalan raya ubud, no. 35, ubud, bali 80571 indonesia   |   +62 819 3637 5995

A nomad story

Established 41 years ago, on 19 September 1979, Nomad Restaurant, Ubud still faithfully serve you, our loyal customers. This story was started by our father (RIP) together with our beloved mother, the founder of Nomad Restaurant.

Who Is Nomad

Nyoman was still in secondary school when he first encountered the concept of a NOMAD. Lacking in facilities, Nyoman’s class was relegated to moving from place to place. Since that time, Nyoman adopted the nomadic disposition to understand life and the world in which we live.

Following school, he kept moving, first to Java, and then to Kalimantan (Borneo). When he returned to Bali, he discovered the same nomadic spirit alive within the newly blossoming tourism. Nyoman focused on his art work and began developing his capacity as a tour guide. Another means to continue his exploration of the nomadic character.

In 1979 Nyoman opened NOMAD Restaurant and the first wartel (telecommunication service) in Ubud. Not to thinking so much of business but as a meeting place to contact the wanderers of the world. In service to these global travelers, Nyoman went on to establish Ubud Sari Health Resort, Bali’s first healing facilities, transforming a property from old garbage dump to a healing sanctuary teaming with medical plants and the lush beauty of nature.

The legacy of Mr. Nomad

Now we are continuing the spirit of Mr. Nomad, continuing the legacy of the founder to continue providing the best service for our loyal customers.

Everyday we use fresh local produce, poultry, meat and fish in all of our dishes. Our salads are made with fresh organic vegetables from our own organic farm and our dressings with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Only when you order is your dishes prepared, ensuring freshness and quality.

We do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate), or any other additives in our food. Nomad is open from 09.00 am to midnight everyday. For special arrangement or dinner parties please do not hesitate contact us.

Please join us for exotic breakfast, cup of coffee, light snack, lunch or a romantic dinner. We also provide free internet connections for you, to help you connect to the world.

Thank you and enjoy your NOMAD experience.

Nomad & The Crew